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Welcome to our "Tencentennial," WWWD Pin Rolled Back to 2003 Prices!

Why a Pin?

When the Disney brothers built the first theme park 46 years ago, one of their greatest concerns was that their visitors be treated well. They pioneered the idea of viewing visitors not as customers, but rather as guests in a private home. Suddenly each and every person who walked through the turnstile became a “Guest” of the Disney family, and were to be treated accordingly.

This concern for Guests was so deeply ingrained that employees became Cast Members who were part of the show put on daily at Disneyland. Their everyday cares and identities were to be put aside when the curtain went up at the opening of each day’s performance. Cast Members could be reprimanded or terminated for not being “happy” when they were onstage in front of the Guests.

“Sharp practices” that deprived Guests of the fair value of their money exchanged for a day’s entertainment were equally frowned upon. For example, Walt personally ordered remedial training when a Jungle Cruise skipper rushed his boatload of Guests back to the dock, Walt fumed “He did that trip in four-and-a-half minutes. I couldn't tell a hippo from a rinoceros.” The Lead that he took this matter to went on to become a president of the Disneyland theme park.

Neither Walt nor Roy would tolerate any attempt that would damage their show put on for their Guests. There is a great deal of pride involved when one’s name is on the door.

These pins are a way for Guests to recognize the Disney Cast Members who still play their parts in the show as if the Disney brothers still watched the show from the firehouse on Main Street.

Cast Members, veterans of decades of in the Park, have been reduced to tears when given a WWWD™ pin. Cast Members, lovingly caught up in serving Guests, are just amazed to find that Guests care about them.

You can be a part of the Disney magic by giving WWWD™ pins to Cast Members whenever you visit a Disney park, your local Disney Store or wherever a Cast Member keeps Walt's dream alive.

Our Mission Statement

To preserve Magical Guest experiences through recognizing outstanding Cast Members.

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