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Welcome to our "Tencentennial," WWWD Pin Rolled Back to 2003 Prices!

How to Present a Pin to a Cast Member

Giving something to a cast member can be a bit awkward. After all, it's never been done before and a Cast Member who deals with the public all day can become a little "gun shy" to a Guest who says he would like to "have a word."

Here are some tips for presenting your WWWD™ Pin, so the experience is meaningful for the honored Cast Member (and fun for you, too). Making Magic for a Cast Member is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1.    Seize the moment.

The pin means more if given right away. Be sure to carry your pins with you into the Park, along with a pen. When you receive that great service, jot down a quick note inside the card. Present it to the Cast Member.

2.   Make your comments specific and sincere.

Say something like,

"I belong to a group of Guests who like to recognize Cast Members for great service. We're not part of the Disney Company, we just love visiting the Park and appreciate it when someone makes it their job to keep the Magic alive."

Mention exactly what the Cast Member did and how it made you feel. Here is what we told a tram attendant in December:

"Thanks for making the ride so much fun. We really appreciated the extra effort, especially when it is so cold and late. Our four-year-old really thought Mickey had just said good night to her."

3.    Do your part in keeping the Magic alive. 

You are the most important part of this program. Imagine how disappointed the Cast Member will be if you don't return your postcard or make your report on our website. They'll log on and see NOTHING. What's worse, we won't have any way of telling Disney about this wonderful Cast Member.


Our Mission Statement

To preserve Magical Guest experiences through recognizing outstanding Cast Members.

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