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Welcome to our "Tencentennial," WWWD Pin Rolled Back to 2003 Prices!
Amazing Disney Adventures

First Steps to a New Life at Walt Disney World

Tina of Manchester, NH shares how much Disney Cast Members can change not only a Guest’s visit, but their very lives.

I wish I had known about the WWWD pins when I went, I really could have used them. My story is this.

Iwas in the process of a very gut-wrenching divorce, and the trip to Disney World was booked before things happened. Instead of canceling the trip, I decided to do something completely out of character for me, and that was take the trip alone. I was 30 at the time and didn't even like to go to the supermarket alone. I don't know what made me do it, but I knew that just walking into a Disney Store always made me feel better, so why not? I really thought I was going to feel out of place being alone, and would be even more depressed, boy was I pleasantly surprised!

From the moment I checked into my resort (Caribbean Beach) to the moment I left Disney property I never felt more welcomed or important. The bus drivers were always so friendly and genuinely interested in what my plans were for the day. They offered suggestions and tips and just made me feel comfortable. Cast Members in the parks were just as wonderful. The ones that knew I was alone always made sure I was in the front to fill that 1 seat. The times I ate at restaurants the waiters and waitresses made sure I didn't feel alone. I had one character breakfast with Pocohontas and friends at Artist's Point and I think she and John Smith spent more time talking to me than they did with the children in the room!

I know that this is how Walt envisioned his Cast Members treating Guests, but I don't think that he could even know how much it meant to a woman traveling alone and not feeling very well about her future. I have every employee of Disney to thank for helping me realize that I matter and that I would be fine on my own.

I tell everyone that I owe Disney my life. I am 33 now and very self sufficient. I have been saving for the last three years so I could come back and somehow try to thank everyone. I'm so happy that now I can give these pins that mean so much to everyone to those Cast Members who have always meant so much to me. I realize they aren't the same people, but it's the only way I know how to give back some of the Magic they so kindly gave to me.

I know how hard they work to make Magic and how difficult it must be at times, I spent 12 years in retail, but I wanted everyone to know that at least one Guest was touched and changed by it. My family couldn't get over the change in me when I got home. :-)

It's amazing how one experience can change your life. It must be the Disney Magic.


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