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I remember being four-years-old, wearing gray slacks, a white, button-down shirt and a red Mr. Rogers cardigan sweater. The women were in their Donna Reed dresses and the men in ties.

It took my family spent three years to save the $300 for my second trip to Disneyland when I was seven (I do remember ticket books). I don't think that we were that unusual, either.

The sacrifice and anticipation made it a hallowed event in every family's memory. That's why a day in Disneyland was a “dress-up” event. I believe it was for this very reason that Walt Disney wanted to make sure each visitor to Disneyland was treated as a Guest.


Without a doubt, today’s environment means that Guests sometimes face inconveniences, yet one can only imagine what it must be like for the Cast Members. The only time that Guests stop by City Hall to give feedback, is when something goes wrong. We asked ourselves, "When was the last time we thanked a Cast Member for the wonderful escape from life's daily worries?"

Our daughter, Caitlyn (then 3) said it best, “Disneyland is a magical place!”

Walt's vision, creativity and commitment is what gave Disneyland that magic. Today, it is the Cast Members who keep the magic alive in the hearts of adults and pass the torch to the little ones when they experience the magic for the first time.

Connor loves his legos and his sister's even more.

Allison is a Program Representative for the 4-H Youth Development Program.

Tom volunteers at The Walt Disney Family Museum, putting into practice the many practical tips that our guests have shared over the years and keeps WWWD™ going.

Caitlyn is a Freshman in high school, she wants to attend Cal-Arts with an eye towards costuming and dancing for Disney.

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